Tuesday, 6 June 2017

How Do I Activate Focused Inbox in My Microsoft Outlook Email?

Are you are still not using Focused Inbox in your Outlook? Catch up the tool immediately to give an edge to your email experience. Outlook 2016 provides the users with some innovative tools and applications that the user can implement in their day-to-day business communication productively - Focused Inbox is one among the newly-added tools. It is all aimed at helping you to focus on the messages that stand out to be very important for you. You can filter out only those emails that are worth reading. Your important emails would fall into the Focused Inbox tab.

But it all requires you to turn on the feature first. You will have to tweak the settings so as to make sure you are using Focused Inbox accurately on your Outlook Email. Before you go for it, it is necessary to check out whether you are using Outlook 2016 on your computer system. If you are still using older edition, then upgrading to the latest edition must be implemented before any technical process you carry on.

Here, the process may get prolonged due to an additional upgrading step. To deal with the situation, you would have to approach a reliable technician who can be there to help you with advanced Outlook support service at any point in time.  On the other hand, backing up your Outlook data files should never be overlooked if you have some important attachments and messages.

Whatever the issue or technical hindrances you come through, you should immediately start looking for the technical resolution that can keep you away from all sorts of obstacles. For an immediate access to the help desk, you may avail of the toll free Outlook customer help number at any moment in time. It works even better that any other modes of communication available in your hand.     

Once the process completes, you should now go to the settings and tweak some relevant elements in accordance with your requirements. If you don’t want any messages move to the tab automatically, then choose your important messages and click Move to Focused in the Show Focused Inbox tab. For more technical info about the procedures, you may go to the official page https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Focused-Inbox-for-Outlook-f445ad7f-02f4-4294-a82e-71d8964e3978#ID0EAACAAA=Outlook_2016 and check out some technical details.

It’s all easy and convenient if you get through the all basic procedures. It’s a useful tool that will help you save on your productive hours easily by filtering out all the unnecessary messages.

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