Monday, 28 November 2016

Microsoft Rolled Out a Fix to Resolve Outlook Connection Problems

For the last couple of weeks, Outlook users have been complaining of having big issues with the usage of Outlook email. Keeping the same in mind Microsoft decided to take an initiative and let Outlook users take a sigh of relief by releasing a fix in order to handle email issues. The new fix is a great way to overcome all sorts of Outlook connection problems faced by users and it will also let them know why this issue occurred. As per reports and customers inconvenience considering email syncing, there is a mystery bug that stops users from accessing or syncing their accounts with the help of apps and smart phones. It was clearly associated with the logging the issue. That is why Microsoft unveiled the fix in order to resolve connection problems faced by Outlook users. As the issue has been a big headache for all Microsoft users, they are suggested to contact Microsoft support or visit Outlook technical support website to get help on fixing Microsoft Outlook email syncing issues.

Redmond, Washington-based technology giant Microsoft Corp said about the issue on its Office 365 status page, “"We've completed the fix and are deploying it throughout the affected environment. While the fix is being deployed, some users may begin to access and synchronize their accounts while using applications or mobile devices." The chaotic issue means that Outlook users can’t sync their accounts with mobile devices. The company states that the prime cause behind the issue was Outlook users logging in to Outlook using a web browser. That is why many users have been facing the messy issue for the past week.

Although what the company said in its statement doesn’t put any special attention on the root cause of the Outlook connection problems. It is also not clear why did the company take a long time to close the report. On the other hand, the technology company also said that it was deploying the fix to "affected infrastructure".  It is also reported that the most issues occurred with Outlook were faced by Outlook users in Europe. It was also said that many users were not able to get timely and instant access to Outlook from apps on iOS and Android. Moreover, some reports suggest that Hotmail have not been in action for several days and Outlook client on desktop was badly affected by disruption. Outlook email issues can be a headache for all Outlook users. So, users need to take things ahead without wasting even a single second. Here the best thing you can do is to make things happen in your favor when you call Microsoft Windows support or get Outlook support phone number from us and get help on Outlook syncing problems on iOS and OS X. Outlook syncing problems can be a big issue if things are not taken seriously. To solve out the issue, all you need to do is to contact directly to Microsoft tech support professionals at Windows customer support service center or any other 3rd party technical support service providing company.

Microsoft has no clear cut answer what is the cause behind the occurrence of the syncing issues. But the company assured that it will keep its users updated. It is known that the email client from Microsoft Outlook it trying its best in order to align with its Outlook client officially. As far as the fixing of the issue is considered, the new Microsoft fix will make things happen in the favor of all users who have issues with Outlook connection with emails. If not, you can try tech support options from independent tech support companies. 

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