Wednesday, 26 October 2016 Went Down – Are You Looking for Solutions for the Outage?

Recently, a number of Microsoft users suddenly came across a bizarre condition when they were quite unable to access their email account on the desktop. More than half of the users have reported issue with login. And if some of them could manage to log into their email account, yet they experienced a “not responding page” at the moment they tried to see the message.

If you are facing the issue and you want to get rid of it as soon as possible, then get a direct access to  Microsoft Outlook Support Services   to take on such irritating technical problems instantly. Although Microsoft has introduced some updates to address the issue.

If you go through the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you would come to know how the users across the globe have got affected from the issue. As the screenshots uploaded on the social media show, most of the users encountered the following information:

Title: Can’t connect to
User Impact: Users may be unable to connect to the service.
More info: Affected users may receive an error stating: “Something went wrong.” If site access is successful, the web client may not render successfully.
Current status: We’re analyzing the affected infrastructure to determine the cause of impact.

To check if there is any technical issue with your email account, you can go to Outlook Status Page to find out whether the email account is infected or not. If the issue is not displayed on the page, then it’s time to contact  Microsoft Outlook Customer Service Center  to resolve the problem efficiently.

Before contacting a technician, you can also try the following techniques:

·        Do a forceful refresh by pressing key combination Ctrl+F5 on the browser you are trying to log into your
·        type alternate urls like to access the account
·        clean up temporary and cache files from the browser history

Fix DNS issue:

DNS (Domain Name System) plays an important role in getting the IP address identified by given domain address. It is generally provided by the internet service provider. An issue with its settings can also lead to unresponsive pages. If there is any issue with DNS settings, you can also try to fix them using the following steps:
·        clean up local DNS cache files (here you need to access experienced Outlook technical help to make a change in DNS settings for different operating systems)

So these are some basic workaround that you can implement before contacting Outlook support system. Once after exercising these things on your, you can check if the issue has been resolved. Though Microsoft has also introduced some updates for the issue, you can also go to the Update Center and check if there is an update available for your Outlook email program.

In addition to this error, there are some other problems that can happen to your email program at any point in time. Here find the issue and be careful all the time to prevail over them effectively:

·        Sending/receiving problem
·        Issues with default TCP/IP settings
·        Outlook data files are inaccessible
·        Automatic backup is not functioning properly
·        You are unable to use some specific tools

So these are some other common issues with email program that are likely to take place at any point in time. Before the things go wrong and your Outlook email account turns out to be critically sluggish, you should take a quick action to resolve the problem.

Why third party technicians for resolving slow running issues:

As Microsoft does also bring in a reliable support mechanism for all technical issues with its products and services, but it is a worthwhile option only when you have a free support subscription for If you are not subscribed to free support from Microsoft, then better be contacting an independent support service provider.

As so many service providers are offering their expertise to help Outlook users, you can select a particular one based on the way how they offer their expertise. Before you dial  Microsoft Outlook Phone Support Number to contact a technician, you should go through the services that how the select professionals offer. Check the following things to make sure you have selected a right technician:

·        Service deliverability

·        Availability - whether you are allowed to contact technicians round the clock or not
·        Technical methods used to fix the problems

·        Technicians’ experience and expertise

Why to endure any technical problem if the solution is always within your reach. Select an option and get all issues fixed instantly without causing additional damage to your data files.

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