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800-987-2301-Organizing Outlook Inbox Folders with Reliable Customer Support

Obviously, you have to find the best way as far as the organizing of the Outlook is concerned. For the users of the Outlook, it is crucial to organize all messages and folders. By doing this, can have the easy approach to them. The truth cannot be denied that people having many demands and there are lots of things to do. If you organize the Outlook mail, it shall take the less time when it comes to the searching of important mail.

You have to follow the methods as far as the organizing of the messages is concerned. It may take you through some technical procedures – some of them may be confusing to some extent. In case of any technical problem while taking the steps further, you can contact  Microsoft Outlook Phone Support offered by expert technicians.

By making the use of folders

If you want to configure this particular option in Outlook 2007, then you must tap on Using Folders. From here, you can shift the message to the folder you want. You just have to choose the message or the email. You can choose the folder from the Move Message drop list and this folder is the place where you want to shift the message. 
After this, you can tap on Move. This process is manual but you can also make use of rules for shifting the message in an automatic manner. You can make use of the  Outlook Customer Service Phone Support if you want to know about the rules or else, in case you want to create the new rules, you can tap on the Rules and Alerts located on the right top of the organize inbox window.

By doing this, there will be the appearance of the Rules and Alerts Window. After this, you can tap on the new rule. Choose the template from the Rules Wizard and then go for editing of the rule description. When you edit, you must choose the rule address. It could be either the distribution list or the people. You also have to search the particular folder where the message shall be forwarded. After this, you tap on finish.

By the use of colors

By making the use of colors, you can trace the crucial emails from inbox in an easy manner. Take for example if you want to color red all the mails from a particular person, for this, you need to choose any particular mail from that particular sender and then from the drop down list choose Red. Afterwards, you can click on Apply color.  Outlook Service Support Phone Number is there for assistance for any query regarding this.  From here, you can color send to items. If the message is sent only to you, you can also change its color and then tap on the Turn on button.

By making the use of views

When you open the Outlook, you can see the inbox messages by default. By the help of views, you can change the style or the look. Select any particular option from the list box titled changes your view and can see the difference. For customizing the Outlook view, you can also go for other options as well.

 It is beneficial if you group the same messages in the same folder. For grouping the emails, you can use the group, subject or the category. For creating the new folder, you can visit file menu, choose new and then tap the Folder. You can also go for the option Search Folder. The Search Folder is not the Real folder. By this, you get the chance to see the messages of mailbox based on the attributes that have been defined earlier.

Customer support for Outlook globally

Outlook mail is in great demand in the world as of today and there are millions of users operating it. It was earlier Hotmail. The users across the world can face issues regarding Outlook and for the rectification of the issues, there is availability of Outlook Customer Service.

Microsoft provides the support for issues related to the Outlook and for this, there is a specific number mentioned on the official website of Microsoft. The number is toll free and can be dialed 24/7 in order to meet the Microsoft customer care executive who is experienced with the certifications and can provide complete assistance for the solution to the Outlook issues.

Apart from Microsoft, there are genuine third party service providers offering the Outlook support and can resolve the issues of Outlook through the experts who are associated with such companies. Third party companies offer the customer support for Outlook at the best and many of them have the best reputation in the market.  Generally, the assistance is offered throughout the year and it may different from one service provider to other.

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