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Obstacles faced when sending the emails from Outlook and the solution

One of the problems for which the user needs the special attention is the non-transference of the mails [both outgoing and incoming] from Outlook or to Outlook. This is actually a common problem. There can be some reasons associated with the problem but some of the main reasons that lead to such type of problem are wrong Microsoft Outlook step up, wrong server settings, alterations made in the Outlook recently, settings related to the antivirus and firewall and many other. Now the question is how to fix the issue. There are two ways. USA support for Microsoft® Outlook

Either you can take the guidance of the expert or you can take the Premium support for Microsoft® Outlook from a reliable third-party technical support company and become free of this issue. Below are some tweaks that can really help you to fix the Microsoft Outlook issue.  If you do not want that the problems should come by your way, then you should follow the step by step instructions as mentioned.

Keeping in mind the importance of your Outlook attachments and messages, you should never give a try to these steps if you are new to the email program. Instead, you should think about an independent technician who can offer you a quick and affordable technical support service for Microsoft Outlook email program.

The procedure:

Open the Outlook and after that move the button to the Tools tab and then to the account settings. When you go to the account settings window, you will visualize the email profile that is listed just below the email tab. Tap once on the profile and after that make another tap on the Change button. When you are in the change email account window, you can tap on more settings button. Go in another window and highlight the advanced tab. live customer support for Outlook

There are some possibilities to have the process with unknown steps, but don’t get worried, you can seek USA customer support  for certified Outlook from 3rd party tech support company in case of difficulty.

After this, you need to have supervision on the server port numbers for both the incoming and outgoing mail server. After this, tap on the box that is located by the side of the server. For this, there is need of the connection called SSL. This is an encrypted connection located in the downward direction of the incoming server [POP3] box.

From the drop down arrow, select AUTO and then use the encrypted connection that is located under Outgoing server [SMTP box]. Check the other settings if needed. Or you can tap on the click button in order to save the changes and after this; you can shut down the window.

If again while tweaking the configurations, you may come across some sorts of difficulties. And it would always be better to not applying the methods on your own as a small tweak can develop additional problem in your email program. You can take help by dialing the Outlook help number of a premier tech support company.
2nd method

If the above method is not working for you, you can go for this method. Go to the Outlook and after that tap on TOOLS and then select OPTIONS.  When you are in the OPTIONS, click on the MAIL SET UP TAB and after this, strike SEND/ RECEIVE button. When you are in the SEND/RECEIVE GROUP DIALOG BOX, you can do a tap on the EDIT BUTTON. After this, make a tap on the ACCOUNT PROPERTIES button.

After this, press the OK button and after this OK, ClOSE, CLOSE and OK in order to save the changes. You have to follow either these or the prompts that are similar to these that you are able to witness on the screen in order to save changes. When the procedure is finished, you can shut down the outlook and again, reopen it. Create a mail and send it. It is a test mail.

In the antivirus program, check the email configuration

If you use antivirus with email scanning characteristic associated with it, it is going to be an obstacle for the Outlook program and will hamper it from sending or receiving emails or it can further escalate other Microsoft Outlook problems.  Unlock the antivirus program and after that disable feature named EMAIL SCANNING. Save the changes done and after this, shutdown complete windows that also includes Outlook.  Now open the Outlook again and then create and check the test mail in order to check. If you think it’s getting you nowhere or taking much of your time then contact live technical support services for Microsoft Outlook for expedite help and support from certified technicians.

You can make the Windows Firewall off as it can be responsible for hampering the Outlook from sending or receiving mails. Click START BUTTON and then go to CONTROL PANEL for navigation.

After this, make a tap on the ADVANCED TAB and after this, click on the RESTORE DEFAULTS BUTTON. To go out of the Windows Firewall Window, click OK.  Shut down the control panel and again restart Outlook. Send the test mail to check whether the problem is over or not.
If still facing some difficulty, seek independent Outlook customer help service from a certified technician for speedy and quality solution

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